Well Hello!
How are you??!
I'm doing swell, but really busy!
Vintage violet is like a rocket right now, I really cant keep up!
 I used to just rent out a space but now I'm a associate, so this gives me a lot more responsibility.
I'm just so freaking blessed and busy.
 God is really putting His hand in my life right now and I love it!
The downside of all this success is I never get to see Spencer or my family.
So this week Spencer and I played a little hookey
and had an awesome time!


Since it's getting little hotter outside,I though I would re-vamp some clothing for the store!
I sold everything that day so
I'm a bit proud of myself.
The blue dress.
This dress was a maxi with long ugly 80's sleeves,
So I made it into a mini, made the sash tie in front and took off those ugly sleeves.

The Levi's.
I love making distress jean shorts!
They're made out of vintage jeans and I'm trying to keep them all Levi's!
I should be fully stocked again by next Tuesday!

Outfits of the week.

Blouse: 90's and beautiful.
Head wrap: handmade with love.

Dress: 70's
Belt: 70's tie belt!
clutch: 60's and wonderful.

Blouse: 80's and wild!
Bangles & earrings: 80's and chunky.

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