Well Hello!
How are you??!
I'm doing swell, but really busy!
Vintage violet is like a rocket right now, I really cant keep up!
 I used to just rent out a space but now I'm a associate, so this gives me a lot more responsibility.
I'm just so freaking blessed and busy.
 God is really putting His hand in my life right now and I love it!
The downside of all this success is I never get to see Spencer or my family.
So this week Spencer and I played a little hookey
and had an awesome time!


Since it's getting little hotter outside,I though I would re-vamp some clothing for the store!
I sold everything that day so
I'm a bit proud of myself.
The blue dress.
This dress was a maxi with long ugly 80's sleeves,
So I made it into a mini, made the sash tie in front and took off those ugly sleeves.

The Levi's.
I love making distress jean shorts!
They're made out of vintage jeans and I'm trying to keep them all Levi's!
I should be fully stocked again by next Tuesday!

Outfits of the week.

Blouse: 90's and beautiful.
Head wrap: handmade with love.

Dress: 70's
Belt: 70's tie belt!
clutch: 60's and wonderful.

Blouse: 80's and wild!
Bangles & earrings: 80's and chunky.

Hey guys!
This week has been awesome!
So let's get started!

Outfits of the week.

Dress: 80's and wild.
Necklaces: 70's and lovely.

I just love this dress!
It literally sold right after the picture.

Blouse: 70's and cream.
Belt: From Maude.
Skirt: 60's and simple.

This outfit was freaking hot!!
No really...
It was chic and down right sexy on curves!
I was sad to see it go.


Also this week!

A beautiful Sue Lee stopped by and used our clothing for a photo shoot!
Looove it.

Dress: 60's and beautiful.
Head wrap: Vintage and handmade by the owner of Vintage Violet!

This weekend was also cash mob!!

What a great idea!
Such a great place to be on a lovely Sunday,
I also picked up some goodies!!

Derby ball!

If you know me by now, I play roller derby.
I'm really blessed to know so many
powerful, beautiful and strong women.
I really do love my team!


Hello world!
long time no see?
well my life has been wild.
let's catch up!

I'm redecorating my lovely home.
All the this awesome wall art is from Vintage Violet and Flying Dog.

I love reading about vintage fashion!
I feel as tho vintage can easily look frumpy and odd, so
I like to use a modern twist to pull the outfit really in!

Blouse: Vintage and 80's.
Necklace: Vintage and chunky.
Pants: Target.
Shoes: From Maude. (modern twist)

- Leeamarie

This week has been filled with
tickle fights,slow dancing,Jesus,roller derby and Vintage Violet!

Next d.i.y project for the store!
What do you guys think?!

Have a great day!
If you guys don't know,my family was affected by the Joplin tornado.
I lost my moms house and really close family member.
It's made me angry with God and for a while and I stopped going to church.
Well couple months ago,I meet a lovely girl name Stephanie Oelschlaeger(she's the owner of Vintage Violet).
I started making clothing for the shop and then two days before Christmas she asked me to move in and start selling vintage clothing!
So I decided to start passing it on.
Hope should always be given out of love and never for personal gain,
it should always be passed on when given!

This lady right here is hope.

Sarah Ramey.
She passes on hope whenever she can and never stops trying to prove
that a wheelchair doesn't make the person,the person makes the chair!

So I HOPE you have a great week filled with laughter,food and friends!