Hey guys!
This week has been awesome!
So let's get started!

Outfits of the week.

Dress: 80's and wild.
Necklaces: 70's and lovely.

I just love this dress!
It literally sold right after the picture.

Blouse: 70's and cream.
Belt: From Maude.
Skirt: 60's and simple.

This outfit was freaking hot!!
No really...
It was chic and down right sexy on curves!
I was sad to see it go.


Also this week!

A beautiful Sue Lee stopped by and used our clothing for a photo shoot!
Looove it.

Dress: 60's and beautiful.
Head wrap: Vintage and handmade by the owner of Vintage Violet!

This weekend was also cash mob!!

What a great idea!
Such a great place to be on a lovely Sunday,
I also picked up some goodies!!

Derby ball!

If you know me by now, I play roller derby.
I'm really blessed to know so many
powerful, beautiful and strong women.
I really do love my team!


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