If you guys don't know,my family was affected by the Joplin tornado.
I lost my moms house and really close family member.
It's made me angry with God and for a while and I stopped going to church.
Well couple months ago,I meet a lovely girl name Stephanie Oelschlaeger(she's the owner of Vintage Violet).
I started making clothing for the shop and then two days before Christmas she asked me to move in and start selling vintage clothing!
So I decided to start passing it on.
Hope should always be given out of love and never for personal gain,
it should always be passed on when given!

This lady right here is hope.

Sarah Ramey.
She passes on hope whenever she can and never stops trying to prove
that a wheelchair doesn't make the person,the person makes the chair!

So I HOPE you have a great week filled with laughter,food and friends!

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  1. I think there is a line in an FMA episode (forget which one) that says the same thing--only replace "automail" with "wheelchair"

    There's so much negativity everywhere, and I try (through my writings and my interactions) to show that there is hope and joy out there.

    Thanks for dropping in today--hope to join you in the shop again soon.